If you dream of imitating Goku or Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z, this VR helmet is for you!

Techno 17 April, 2017

Smaller, you wanted to swing Kamehameha like Goku and his friends in Dragon Ball Z? So, the virtual reality helmet Capsule Corporation VR Simulator will make you dream!
Who ever wanted to be as strong as Goku and the other Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball? Who has never attempted the gesture of Kamehameha in scred? If you too are a true fan of DBZ, you will at last fulfill your most pious wish: Imitate Goku and his friends. And no, there is no question of undermining like Vegeta and company . We talk to you this time about a VR headset and a 100% DBZ virtual reality game that will soon be available for purchase . So, ready to make real Kamehameha? Follow him to know everything!
MegaHouse and Bandai Namco unveiled the BotsNew Characters VR Dragon Ball Z in Japan. Behind this name is a virtual reality helmet pack and a 100% VR game dedicated to Dragon Ball Z. Named Capsule Corporation VR Simulator, the VR helmet Is compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones . You will be able to use it after installing the game (or rather the app) BotsNew Characters VR Dragon Ball Z. Delivered with sensors that identify the position of your hands in space, this pack will be marketed at 112 euros, from the month of June, in Japan. Meanwhile, do you master the physical transformations of the characters of DBZ?