If you want to refresh yourself this summer, the Lemon Lemon from 7UP is for you!

Techno 7 June, 2017

The summer of 2017 should be warmer than normal. If you want to refresh, the new 7UP Lemon Lemon Lemonade will delight you.
While Coca-Cola and Quick have just unveiled a collection of unique aluminum bottles, 7UP has just announced the launch of its new 7UP Lemon Lemon Lemonade. This refreshing drink contains lemon juice, fine bubbles and less sugar for a deliciously refreshing taste . Available in three flavors (Lemon, Citrus and White Peach), the 7UP Lemon Lemon has it all. In the editorial, we had the opportunity to taste this gas lemonade which is proposed in a striped packaging in the modern style. Without further ado, discover our impressions!
With this beautiful sun, I wanted to sip this new drink fresh and vitamin. And from the first drink, I felt like a real break. With only 49 calories for a 25cl glass, the Lemon Lemon 7UP is also free of artificial colors and aromas. Concretely, it is 30% less sweet than other sodas . And that’s really not bad for all those who want to keep the line. Packed in plastic bottles of 1.25 liters, the 7UP Lemon Lemon is marketed at the price of 1.59 euros. Boosting assured! If not, you can also discover the Shazam of the food by Pinterest.