Infiniti wants to become a brand of electric cars

Avto 18 January, 2018
  • Frédéric Mercier

    Wednesday, 17-jan-2018 10:19

    Wednesday, 17-jan-2018 10:19

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    From 2021 onwards, all new models unveiled by the luxury brand of Nissan will offer an “alternative electrified”.

    Basically, the manufacturer undertakes to offer hybrid versions, plug-in hybrids or fully electric with all of its new models sold from 2021 onwards. The models already existing, however, are not affected by this announcement.


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    Infiniti also took the opportunity to confirm that it will unveil its first model completely electric in the same year. By 2025, the japanese manufacturer expects to have electric vehicles account for more than half of its sales across the world.

    This announcement recalls the one made by Volvo last July, had announced that it launch only hybrid or electric starting in 2019.