IPad 2017: This wireless keyboard from Logitech offers you 4 years of autonomy!

Techno 4 May, 2017

The iPad 2017 is the cheapest tablet from Apple. With a battery life of 12 hours, this product has everything to please. And this Logitech wireless keyboard will convince the most skeptical.
The iPhone SE tablet is a treat. The new 9.7 “iPad is a nice proposition. Marketed at a small price, the first iPad of 2017 has everything to please . Its autonomy, its power should regale more than one. But we can also criticize a few points. Its design reminiscent of the iPad Air 2 and its screen that does not support the reflections outdoors are real brakes to buy. Anyway, if you want to enjoy this tablet, you will also have to shopper a wireless keyboard. And the one proposed by Logitech should leave you speechless. Compatible with the latest Apple jewel, this Logitech keyboard offers 4 years of autonomy, just that!
Logitech’s Slim Folio keypad features Bluetooth LE that reduces the power consumption of the wireless transmission. This new wireless keyboard can, on top of that, go by itself, as soon as it is no longer used. And according to its manufacturer, the battery can hold squarely 4 years, if you use it two hours a day . Delivered with a case that allows to place it where you want it to the level of your tablet, the keyboard Logitech will be available for the purchase in June to 119 euros. In the meantime, you can rediscover the features that we have kiffé on the iPad 2017