IPhone: 24 smartphones stolen in an unusual way

Techno 17 February, 2017

In Madrid, 24 iPhone were stolen from an Apple Store. No spectacular turning in Hollywood, the thieves’ process will astonish you.
The Spanish police have put an end to the actions of a group of 10 people in the streets of Madrid. Their misdeed? IPhone Theft. 24 more precisely. The Apple Store of Puerta Del Sol in the center of the Spanish capital found its losses spread over two months. The most incredible is the process. No noise, everything is in discretion. These 10 people – including eight minors and two adults – simply used their teeth as a weapon to capture the booty. Apple having formalized the holding of WWDC 2017 in June, the Cupertino firm will have to work on a greater strength of its anti-theft cables in store …
You know, in the Apple Store, the products are self-service. IPhone, iPad, MacBook, everything is at your disposal. The thieves simply chewed the anti-theft cables to recover the smartphones neither seen nor known. Although the alarm was triggered, the Belgian newspaper Le Soir explained that some of the thieves went to the flight table to prevent the staff from accessing it. The others, they were leaving with the iPhone. The amount of the larceny amounted to 23,000 euros . As recalled Tom’s Guide , the thieves were caught after trying to resell the iPhone . The two adults were incarcerated while minors were forbidden to approach within 100 meters of an Apple Store.