IPhone 6 32 GB: Its release in France becomes clear!

Techno 16 March, 2017

After iPhone, iPhone 6 is about to debut in France in a 32 GB version. This “new” headed smartphone that will be delivered with iOS 10 has enough to make you zap the iPhone SE.
Released in 2014, the iPhone 6 is declined in 3 versions of storage: 16, 64 and 128 GB. But the Cupertino firm decided to launch a 32 GB version of the headphone for availability in the Asian market. But according to our confreres of iGeneration, the iPhone 6 of 32 GB could soon unravel in France . This phone that will be offered only in a gray sidereal color has enough to make you zapper your iPhone SE which is a little more expensive than this new Apple smartphone. Without further ado, discovers the details concerning the release of this iPhone 6 32 GB.
At a time when these lines are written, it is not yet known if Apple plans to launch a commercialization of its new smartphone in Europe. But according to igen.fr , the iPhone 6 32 GB will lead to French soil. This new device will be available in Reunion via the Microstor APR which will market it at 479 euros, while the iPhone SE 16 GB version is available from 489 euros. So you understood, we must pray for Apple to listen to our wildest wishes. But while waiting to learn more, you can (re) discover this concept of iPhone 8 that tutoie perfection.