IPhone 7: Discount on PriceMinister, the good plan of the month of May!

Techno 2 May, 2017

No, Apple has not yet lowered the price of its iPhone 7. But the headphone smartphone enjoys a sympathetic promotion on PriceMinister. The details !
If you’re looking for a good smartphone at a discounted price, the iPhone 7 holds your hand. Considered to be the king of mobile phones, this headphone device that has been tested at the editorial office has everything to please. Its software optimization, its elegance and its good results in photograph imposed it like a unavoidable. And today, the iPhone 7 enjoys a nice promotion. Officially marketed at 799 euros, the smartphone Apple passes, gently, under the bar of 650 euros at PriceMinister . Without further ado, discover this tantalizing offer!
On PriceMinister, the iPhone 7 32 GB is currently available, by ICI , at 631 euros. This smartphone that inaugurates ultra-sophisticated photographic systems and offers performance and autonomy? Never seen on an iPhone is always well on the market. Released late 2016, it has long been the number 1 smartphone. If moving from a 6s Plus to a 7 Plus is not urgent with hindsight, that of an iPhone 6 / 6s to the iPhone 7 seems irremediable. And given the offer of PriceMinister, it would be really stupid not to offer it to you. What do you say ?