IPhone 7 Plus: Where to shopper the smartphone at the best price?

Techno 4 April, 2017

The iPhone 7 Plus is more and more accessible. 7 months after its release, the great smartphone Apple enjoys a nice promotion. And here is the best place to buy it at the price of a … iPhone 7.
If you are looking for a XXL smartphone at a low price, this is the occasion or never to have fun. 7 months after its release, the iPhone 7 Plus has established itself as the king of smartphones . Its software optimization and dual photo sensor have propelled it to the head of mobile devices. Marketed from 879 euros, Apple’s smartphone, which has been tested for a month , enjoys a nice promotion. And it is not the Apple that regale but an e-commerce site. In short, truce of blabla, here is the best price of the iPhone 7 Plus on the web, at the beginning of April.
Equipped with a 2900 mAh battery, the 5.5-inch smartphone can hold 2 whole days without being recharged, it’s pretty cool. But it’s probably his camera that puts everyone in agreement. Its dual sensor can produce shots of excellent quality , even in low light. And today, PriceMinister has decided to lower the price of the smartphone headed. You can get it by HERE , at only 761.50 euros and enjoy free shipping. Well then, what are you waiting for to please you?