IPhone 7: Will the flagship make you happier?

Techno 25 May, 2017

Can an iPhone make it happier? It would seem that yes from a recent study! But is the last born of the apple the one that will make you achieve satisfaction?
A phone has become quite important over the years. To be satisfied, everything must be at the top: its characteristics, its design, its operating system and even its service! An ASCI survey wanted to measure the satisfaction rate of smartphone users and whether they were happy with their model. The iPhone 7, which unveiled a new advertising campaign for the good cause , will it be the phone that will make you more content? It seems that the latter is positioned in rather good place. A place he shares with other giants like Samsung Galaxy S7 or Note 5.
The iPhone 8, which could come out later than the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus , will exceed this high satisfaction rate? It must be said that the flagship Apple has everything to make happy its future owners if we believe the latest rumors. Curved screen, camera exploiting augmented reality, iOS always more powerful in version 11 … It will take a lot to dethrone the number 1 of the ASCI ranking that is other than iPhone SE! A smartphone that has conquered users thanks to its small size and tiny price. A rather amazing result that goes against most forecasts. What do you think of this ranking?