IPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6 / 6s: With Mokase, Apple’s smartphone will finally prepare your coffee!

Techno 8 May, 2017

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus can do anything … or almost. But with Mokase, Apple’s smartphones will even prepare your coffee. Yes, nothing stops technology!
Your iPhone is stylish, charismatic and it knows how to do everything … or almost everything. Today, it is used everywhere. And it should not be fixed over time since Apple would like to merge its iPhone with the MacBook, according to some patents . Better yet, your iPhone 7 will soon prepare your coffee! Thanks to the Mokase hull, you will be able to make an espresso in less than a minute, from your smartphone . And no, it’s not a joke. Simply insert a capsule into the slot in this futuristic shell, launch an application dedicated to this case, and the trick is played.
Powered by a battery that can be charged via a USB port, the Mokase case heats up to 25 ml of water in seconds . Yes, this product is really phew for your iPhone. But before taking advantage of it, you will have to go through the investment box since this project is currently on Kickstarter. And it will be necessary to bet, at least, 49 euros to obtain a case and two capsules of coffee for a delivery in September. Otherwise, you can contribute to this project, here . Otherwise, you can also discover the true enemy of the iPhone 7, according to Apple.