IPhone 8: A 5.8-inch screen in a 4.7-inch smartphone!

Techno 16 February, 2017

And if the next Apple phone, the iPhone 8, had a 5.8-inch screen for a smartphone … 4.7 inches? It may sound weird and yet …
The rumors around the iPhone 8, we are used to! But some may be more interesting than others … such as the size of its screen. According to the KGI cabinet, the 5.8-inch iPhone 8 will be the size of a 4.7-inch model. But then how is all this possible? It’s simple: with a smartphone without borders. The ultimate fantasy of many aficionados of Apple phones who are hoping for such a design for the iPhone 8 whose wireless charger will be sold separately . Not to mention that the American would have ordered 160 million screen OLED in its competitor always: Samsung . What better than to furnish one’s best enemy?
But that’s not all since the rumors surrounding the presence of a Touch Bar are becoming more and more present … enough to gain even more room for the iPhone 8 and its screen potentially without borders. Despite the seriousness of the firm KGI, this rumor is to be taken with tongs. And for good reason: as long as nothing has been formalized by Apple , all hopes but also disillusions are allowed. But an almost entirely touch screen for the iPhone 8, whose production would start sooner than expected , would be a real revolution for the brand. A brand that after 10 years to propose the iPhone will want to mark the blow for its anniversary. What do you think of such a rumor?