IPhone 8: A limited stock of smartphones available at its release

Techno 24 March, 2017

As every year, the next iPhone should not escape the famous shortage of models linked to the success of the flagship!
We know very little about the next iPhone at the moment. IPhone 8, iPhone Edition, released later than in September … the rumors are linked at a rather crazy speed. But the latest seems much more solid because it is based on a phenomenon already observed before in Apple. According to the site MacRumors, the iPhone 8 (which could have a design similar to the first iPhone) will suffer from a limited stock that will prevent many aficionados of the apple to get one . A great classic that you must necessarily know through these images of fans who do not hesitate to camp days before an Apple Store when releasing a new product.
But this is not all because the delivery times should also be lengthened according to the analysts. It would take for most users to wait several weeks for the fact that the iPhone 8, which might not have curved screen , is very complicated to manufacture. We are talking about an OLED screen, a great first for the manufacturer, a Touch ID integrated on the screen, a quick recharge (and wireless) … in short, a whole bunch of new features that will not be Not simple to integrate . But in front of an iPhone 7 that differed little from the iPhone 6 (despite its great qualities), Apple will still have to offer a sharp model sharply with its predecessors to ensure the shot.