IPhone 8: A release finally in October after its presentation in September?

Techno 9 May, 2017

The highly anticipated iPhone 8 should be available according to the usual schedule. The future Apple smartphone should be presented in September at the famous Keynote before being released in October!
The highly anticipated iPhone 8 continues to sink a lot of ink. While a WTF rumor suggests that the AirPods will be offered with the future Apple smartphone, Digitimes goes even further, taking news from the Chinese daily Economic Daily News. According to the latter, the iPhone 8 will not be presented late, but rather in September, as these predecessors . Several subcontractors of the future smartphone headed should be working double as early as June, and meltyStyle tells you more now.
The different subcontractors of Apples for its iPhone 8 would thus be able to overcome the technical obstacles that delayed the production of the future headed smartphone. According to Digitimes , everything suggests that the iPhone 8 will be presented and sold to melty. At the editorial office, it does not surprise us. It must be said that Apple has always managed to be punctual then, why expect on the contrary? While awaiting the officialization of this launch in September, you can discover the latest rumors around the iPhone 7s, 7s Plus and iPhone 8.