OnePlus 5: Its date of presentation unveiled by mistake?

The OnePlus 5 presentation has leaked! The Chinese flagship should point the tip of its hull on June 15th.
Last weekend, OnePlus announced that the ...

29 May, 2017
Nokia 9: We may know its date of presentation!

The Nokia 9 could be officialized next month! HMD sent invitations for a press conference scheduled for 20 June.
A few hours ago, meltyStyle was ...

18 May, 2017
Xiaomi Mi Max 2: The date of presentation of the phablette has leaked!

The Xiaomi Mi Max 2 could be officialized on May 23! On the program an XXL screen and a very soft price.
A few days ago, meltyStyle was telling you ...

15 May, 2017
IPhone 8: A release finally in October after its presentation in September?

The highly anticipated iPhone 8 should be available according to the usual schedule. The future Apple smartphone should be presented in September at ...

9 May, 2017
Nokia 8: Its features and price have leaked!

The Nokia 8 would not be far away! Its date of presentation, its characteristics and its price have just leaked, what give us (even more) want to ...

3 May, 2017
Laptop Surface: Microsoft’s new computer might look like this!

This is the big day. Microsoft will unveil today a new laptop. This is the Surface Laptop, an ultrabook that has already leaked on the net.
Bad ...

2 May, 2017
Xiaomi Mi Max 2: The XXL smartphone could land at the same time as the Mi 6!

Like the Mi 6, the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 could be formalized on April 19th. Big screen, enormous battery and small price in anticipation!
Earlier this ...

13 April, 2017
Honor 8 Pro: Features unveiled before presentation

The Honor 8 Pro fled to the Russian site of Huawei. It incorporates the characteristics of Honor V9 recently formalized in China.
If you subscribed ...

31 March, 2017
Samsung Galaxy S8: Pre-orders could start the day of its presentation!

Galaxy S8 pre-orders could start sooner than expected. According to Android World, they would be launched on the day of its presentation.
A few ...

24 March, 2017
After Lionel Messi, Antoine Griezmann joins the circle of Ambassadors Huawei

Huawei France took advantage of the presentation of its P10, P10 Plus and Watch 2 to unveil the identity of its new ambassador. Antoine Griezmann, ...

24 March, 2017
Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2: A launch before the end of the month?

The launch of the Redmi Pro 2 would be imminent. According to the rumors, it would take place before the end of the month.
Last week, meltyStyle ...

15 March, 2017
IPhone 8: An exit not before 2018?

It's the crazy rumor that stirs the canvas ... The iPhone 8 should not see the day before 2018. But while Apple reserves us for the beginning of ...

14 March, 2017
IPad: The new models presented as of next week?

Is the date of the Keynote for the month of March clear? In any case, what the last sounds of hallways suppose ... We tell you everything! ...

14 March, 2017
Huawei P11: The smartphone presented at MWC 2018

The MWC seems to have pleased the Chinese firm since Huawei plans to present its Huawei P11 in the 2018 edition!
While the Huawei P10, available on ...

13 March, 2017
LG G6: Flagship could be released sooner than expected

The LG G6 could be marketed as of March 10. A way to counter the dominance of the Galaxy S8 even before its presentation.
J-2 before the ...

24 February, 2017
Nokia 3310, Xperia XZ 2017, Galaxy S8 … These smartphones that will be discovered at MWC 2017

More than a few days before the beginning of MWC 2017. If this edition promises less promising than expected, very good smartphones will be unveiled. ...

15 February, 2017
MWC 2017: Samsung could present a prototype of foldable smartphone

The Galaxy X should point the tip of its hull in private during MWC 2017! Samsung would host a demonstration of a functional prototype of the ...

9 February, 2017
Playstation 4 Neo: Precise release date unveiled in New York

That's it ! The exact presentation date of the next Playstation 4 Neo finally leaked. The Playstation 4 Neo would be presented in New York, as ...

23 January, 2017
Samsung Galaxy S8: J-40 before its presentation at the MWC?

The days are numbered! Samsung will present its Samsung Galaxy S8 in opening Mobile World Congress ... like every year!
Samsung is playing yoyo with ...

17 January, 2017
Xiaomi Mi 6: A presentation on February 14th?

A teaser for the presentation of the Xiaomi Mi 6 has just appeared on Weibo. The date of 14 February is mentioned.
Last weekend, Xiaomi has ...

26 December, 2016