Laptop Surface: Microsoft’s new computer might look like this!

Techno 2 May, 2017

This is the big day. Microsoft will unveil today a new laptop. This is the Surface Laptop, an ultrabook that has already leaked on the net.
Bad news for Microsoft who probably wanted to create the buzz with his event that is scheduled today in New York. The firm of Ridmond is about to unveil a new computer. After the Surface Pro , the Surface Book and the Surface Studio, the newcomer of the Surface family will be called Laptop. And we already know what it should look like since photos have already leaked on Twitter. For the first time in history, the screen of this new Surface may not be tactile or compatible with a stylus . Without further ado, discover these photos of the future laptop.
At the hour when these lines are written, no characteristic has leaked but one can expect very heavy. And with the images, we already know that the Surface Laptop will have a USB port Type A, a port DisplayPort, and a port jack. And even if one is kiffe the presence of the USB Type A, we already regret the absence of the USB Type-C which has nevertheless trivialized in the industry . The new Microsoft machine would run under Windows 10 S (a new version of Windows 10) , which suggests future competition with ChromeBook. At meltyStyle, we are only waiting for one thing: its official presentation.