Playstation 4 Neo: Precise release date unveiled in New York

Techno 23 January, 2017

That’s it ! The exact presentation date of the next Playstation 4 Neo finally leaked. The Playstation 4 Neo would be presented in New York, as planned.

The release of the Playstation 4 Neo is getting closer and closer. Ever since we heard about it last March by an analyst, the next major update of the current PS4 has been constantly talked about. Expected initially to Paris Games Week in October and the Tokyo Game Show in mid-September, the Playstation 4 Neo will be finally presented neither in Europe nor in Asia … but in New York, as the original PS4. Never change a winning team. According to our colleagues Gameblog, Sony prepare a grandiose statement its Neo Playstation 4 in the Big Apple on September 7 . We would be less than a month from the one we long called PS4.5! Why a presentation date so early compared to the original schedule? Sony would like to take Nintendo course which will present the Nintendo NX on September 12 and thus focus all media attention on the Playstation 4 Neo, which will come to compete directly with the Xbox Scorpio.

The Playstation 4 Neo would also be presented in New York
Other info about the weight of Playstation 4 Neo, and that comes from Vice Gaming this time, the release date of the Playstation 4 Neo. Indeed, if it will be presented at the beginning of September, we should not count on a rapid commercial release, perhaps not before 2017. The September 7 event would only be a preview, With only technical speciations before marketing to the general public later. To have games designed for the Playstation 4 Neo as soon as it was released, Sony would soon offer a developer development kit after the presentation so that they can work on it. The release date of the Playstation 4 Neo, whose technical specifications have leaked on October 13, along with the Playstation VR, so taking a hit in the wing. Only a few weeks to wait before being able to see this famous Playstation 4 Neo. Impatient?