Alcatel: Getting started with the A5 LED, an original smartphone for 199 euros!

Techno 16 June, 2017

More expensive than the A3 despite a more imposing design, the Alcatel A5 LED finally arrived at the editorial office. I took it in hand and here are my impressions!
Equipped with an interactive LED shell, the Alcatel A5 LED does not go unnoticed. Unveiled at MWC 2017, this mid-range smartphone is quite pleasant. It is true that its design is less attractive than that of the A3 which is nevertheless cheaper but, the A5 LED is endowed with an asset unlike the others: The new terminal of Alcatel put on its hull to display the Notifications . A unique proposal on the market that makes this A5 LED a very original smartphone . But at a time when the rounded edges have established themselves in the industry, the Alcatel A5 LED is rather hard on the sides, making it an unpleasant shook.
The first trick I really regret about the A5 LED is the position of these buttons which is far from practical. Placed very high, these buttons seem almost inaccessible with one hand (while I have a very big #JmexcusePourCelleLa). Fortunately, the smartphone shines in the dark thanks to its LED shell, which allows it to gain a little my esteem . Its HD screen of 5, 2 inches also seems as bright as the shell LED. But if it is sad enough to take charge, the A5 LED remains a good smartphone when not looking for a war machine and is worth the blow for its LEDs rather stylish. RDV next week to discover the full test of this smartphone that is available, here , less than 200 euros.