IPhone 8: iOS 11 almost confirms OLED screen and night mode

Techno 7 June, 2017

IOS 11 teaches us a lot about the iPhone 8. We now know with almost certainty that it will be equipped with an OLED screen and a night mode.
Tim Cook and Craig Federighi have unveiled iOS 11 on Monday at WWDC 2017 , but have not said anything about the iPhone 8. The smartphone is not expected before the next school year, Take place during the month of September. The new version of the mobile OS apple nevertheless gives some clues regarding the main innovations of the next phone. One can thus almost say that the iPhone 8 will have the right to a night mode. It is even possible to test it on the first beta of iOS 11. Simply go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Adapt display> Invert colors. With this option, the software interface abandons white to black. Unlike iOS 10, the shades of the images are well preserved.
The black takes its quarters on iOS 11. In addition to an almost official night mode, some applications have been rethought to be much darker. One can mention, for example, the app “Calculator” which abandons the big keys for buttons more round. This Apple effort to put black inside iOS 11 does not happen randomly. Indeed, persistent rumors want the apple brand to equip its iPhone 8 with an OLED screen, like the next LG V30 . This technology saves battery with dark interfaces. The company of Cupertino could thus present some innovations of last minutes for iOS 11 in order to perfectly complete the iPhone 8 next September. What do you think ?