IPhone 8: The smartphone sold at gold price?

Techno 10 February, 2017

Will the iPhone 8 cost an arm? Faced with many technical innovations, the bill to get the smartphone could be very salty!
Many smartphones are expected in 2017 and among them, the fans count the iPhone 8. A phone that will mark a turning point for Apple since the iPhone celebrates this year its 10 years, what to justifiably expect a new revolutionary model. But in front of many technical innovations evoked through several rumors like a wireless recharge that would be almost reality , what will be the price of flagship? Because the aficionados of the apple know only too well: getting an iPhone is very expensive. And it seems that many think that the next iPhone will cross the symbolic bar of … 1000 euros ! A rather startling price.
But a price not really surprising when we know that the iPhone 7 Plus jet black with 256 GB of storage costs 1129 euros. Of course, it is a rather “rare” model and with the maximum internal memory but still remains a fairly impressive displayed price. The whole thing will be to know if the basic iPhone 8 will remain accessible or will glance on the side of the 7 Plus 256 GB . Over the years and smartphones, the iPhone has distinguished itself by its increasing price justified by the many technical innovations. The iPhone 8, whose production would start sooner than expected , should not escape the rule. But to discover it, it will be necessary to wait as every year the keynote of Apple . Would you buy an iPhone at 1000 euros?