iPhone OS: Big promotion on the 4-inch smartphone at PriceMinister

Techno 14 December, 2016

Looking for a new smartphone? The iPhone OS is perhaps designed for you. Priced at less than 400 euros a dealer, the small iPhone has something to make people happy for Christmas 2016
The iPhone OS is the small Apple smartphone that can compete with the biggest . Equipped A9 processor, this 4-inch smartphone can count on a RAM of 1GB. And thanks to the small size of this device, you can have fun manipulating the SE iPhone with one hand. It’s cool and convenient enough to make brilliant animations with iMessage . But the key is also headed this phone has a very nice promotion to a dealer. Officially sold around 500 euros, the SE iPhone 16GB and falls below 400 euros. An opportunity that should not be missed, especially if you have not yet true gift to put under the Christmas tree

The iPhone OS has never been so affordable
The iPhone OS is just the body of an iPhone 5s with the brain of an iPhone 6s. And while it is rumored that Apple will not release a new iPhone OS in 2017, it would be stupid to miss this nice promotion offered by PriceMinister . Headed the phone we find there only 387.58 euros, a price that is unbeatable. In addition to a new phone, PriceMinister offer you free shipping for this product is equipped with a 12 megapixel camera that seems perfect for capturing your dab of during the holiday season ( with Lumee shell you might even become the king of selfies ). And as PriceMinister assure you, delivery between 6 to 8 days, you can always add to your wishlist for Christmas …