IPhone SE, more popular than a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + and an iPhone 7 Plus!

Techno 24 May, 2017

The iPhone SE is the small Apple smartphone that rivals the biggest. So much so that it is the most satisfying smartphone in the US, ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + and the iPhone 7 Plus
No need to have the most expensive smartphone to have the best devices. This is in any case what emerges from an American satisfaction survey around several mobile phones. The iPhone SE, the cheapest of the headphones whose storage has been recently doubled , finishes at the top of this ranking ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + and the iPhone 7 Plus. Just that ! Without further ado, discovers the results of the investigation of the American Customer Satisfaction Index.
The cheapest iPhone on the market has got a rating of 87/100, which puts it just above the Galaxy S6 Edge + with its 86 points. The iPhone 7 Plus is in third position, ahead of the other generations of Galaxy S and iPhone. If you want to shopper the iPhone SE, this is the time or never! The 4-inch smartphone is marketed at a low price , through here. So, ready to do a little shopping?