Iran’s special services have arrested a scientist for undermining national security

Politics 16 May, 2022

Iran’s security services have arrested a university researcher suspected of «committing acts that undermine national security». This was reported by the Mehr news agency on Monday, May 16.

The security forces explained that 61-year-old Said Madani Gahfarohi, a professor of sociology at Allame Tabatabai University of Tehran, is suspected of maintaining ties with foreign countries and committing acts that threaten the security of the country. It is noteworthy that Said Madani Gahfarohi, who has published several books on Iran’s social evils, including prostitution, violence against women, child abuse, poverty and drug addiction, has already been arrested several times and in 2012 was sentenced to six years in prison.

Earlier it became known that almost four years after America’s withdrawal from the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement (JCPOA), adopted by Donald Trump in May 2018, a new compromise between Tehran, Washington, the Europeans, China and Russia is almost ready. But at the moment, two external obstacles are preventing its signing.

On the one hand, the deal is hampered by Iran’s demand to exclude the Revolutionary Guard from the American list of sponsors of terrorism. On the other hand, the treaty hinders Russia’s demand to exempt its civilian nuclear cooperation with Iran from sanctions related to its invasion of Ukraine, hinders, political analysts say.