It rolls up in a Ferrari convertible in the winter, with ski goggles

Avto 28 February, 2018
  • Instagram – Avo Aboulian

    Germain Goyer

    Wednesday, 28 February 2018 11:01

    Wednesday, 28 February 2018 11:01

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    Avo Aboulian, owner of Toyz Autoart, has surprised internet users with its most recent publications on his account Instagram.

    In effect, this specialist in the customization of high-end vehicles of the metropolis has just purchased a Ferrari 488 Spider.

    Wishing at any price to enjoy it now, he could not resist the temptation of the drive, despite the snow.


    Have to love Avo. But still want to slap the #Gucci googles off the side of his head for driving his beautiful Ferrari in February !!! #forzaferrari #drivetastefully #toyzautoart #respect

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    23 Feb. 2018 at 9 :50 PST

    History does not have to be instantly refrigerated, it should be recalled that it is a convertible –, Avo Aboulian is armed with a pair of ski goggles from Gucci brand. It has been seen at the wheel of his superb exotic in the district of Mont-Royal.

    If you see this car soon in the streets of Montreal, you should not have too much difficulty recognizing it. In fact, although it is a dark gray, his calipers orange color are arranged on the decorative strips as it wears, as well as the inside. A combination certainly bold, but very pretty.

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    Orange Crush ����

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    ⛲️ Neighbourhood Watch �� @novitecgroup

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