“Justin Trudeau is back on his Bill C-29” – Andre Cote

Politics 5 December, 2016

gabThe Bloc Quebecois de Beauce believes the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau “is preparing to allow banks to circumvent the Quebec law on consumer protection” by adopting Bill C-29.
The Bloc therefore requests the Government to back down on this. “It’s a step back 50 years to protect Quebec consumers. With C-29, the Minister of Finance Bill Morneau, who is supposed to defend the population behaves more like a lobbyist than a minister. He will understand that he is no longer part of the clique of Bay Street in Toronto. Banks should not be above the law, “said the president, André Côté.
“The Trudeau government wants to amend the Bank Act to allow them to evade provincial regarding consumer protection laws, he believes. This measure is hidden in the heart of C-29, a mammoth bill containing more than 200 pages of technical details. ”
It is through his toughest law on consumer protection that Quebecers could limit certain abuses of banks, for example, imposing hidden charges, exaggerated usage fees or even credit charges when debt is settled on time. “With the passage of C-29, saying customers be cheated by banks will now complain to the banking ombudsman,” says Côté.
The Bloc Quebecois has tabled two amendments to the bill to eliminate elements that allow banks to bypass Quebec legislation, in addition to adding a third amendment which would make it illegal tax avoidance in paradise tax the banks and big business. The Liberals are fiercely opposed.
“There are only Quebec that is given different and stricter laws to protect consumers. This Christmas gift to the bankers that want to do the Trudeau government is a direct attack against Quebec’s will to allow people to defend themselves against abuses of big business. Again, this government chooses to please the banks rather than defending citizens. I can not explain how Quebec MPs, including Maxime Bernier, can pass it, “concluded the president of the Bloc Québécois riding of Beauce.