Karim Benzema: Melia shoes Baby Yeezy in his dad’s Insta story

Avto 14 February, 2017

Like her dad, Melia Benzema sucks the Yeezy Boost. The proof with the video posted by the French footballer in his story Instagram.
A few hours ago, Kim Kardashian unveiled his shoe collection on Instagram . There were many pairs of adidas Yeezy Boost and Nike Air Yeezy. But the mother of North and Saint is not the only one to kiffer the shoes designed by Kanye … This is also the case of Karim Benzema, who never misses an opportunity to display with a Yeezy. And because there is no age to be well saved, he passed on his passion for sneakers to his daughter Mélia … In the story Insta of KB9, the little one appeared with a Baby Yeezy at the foot . A look that was also appreciated on the last photo posted by the player, who wore a Ünkut down jacket and cap for the occasion.
“Well then, where are we with?” , Asks Karim Benzema to his daughter in the video he posted on Insta. “Mélia Benzema!” , Answers the main interested in jumping. She’s really too cracking! But even more than the mignonnerie of the scene, it is his pair of sneakers that has attracted our attention … And for good reason! It was a Baby Yeezy Turtle Dove . To accompany her, Mélia wore a puffy white dress and a pink tights. The perfect combo! We then found the girl and her dad in a photo, with a total Ünkut look for Benzema. He is always faithful to his friend Booba, who recently tackled Kaaris with his Mercedes S-Class 65 AMG .