Kong – Skull Island: His universe and that of Godzilla finally has a name

Cinema 27 January, 2017

In Kong – Skull Island, the giant could cross the path of the Japanese monster Godzilla … But what name will bear the universe of the two colossi?
By proposing a new version of the legend of King Kong, the Warner has a very precise idea behind the head. The idea is to meet the giant monster Godzilla and Japanese to create a titanic clash cinema . And while Gareth Edwards (to whom we owe Star Wars Rogue One, including a scene with Darth Vader was almost not be in the film ) introduced Godzilla in 2014, Jordan Vogt-Roberts will deal with King Kong in March next. The opportunity to create a universe where will evolve the two monsters and give it a name to the image of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (for example). The cleverest were able to find out how to call it by checking out the toys Kong Skull Island .
A rather simple name to remember: the MonsterVerse . Mean by that the world of monsters . The question is whether Warner plans to introduce a new giant or will be limited solely to King Kong and Godzilla. But our little finger tells us that if Kong Skull Island, including three new posters with a towering Kong were unveiled , is a success, the two giants will not remain alone for long . This decision to create a universe is proof that the studios are trying to develop a mythology around two strong figures of Western and Japanese cinema. Figures that for decades have been passionate about generations of children and adults. What do you think ?