Lenovo: We tested the Moto Z with its various Moto Mods!

Techno 31 March, 2017

Motorola has made the modularity the main asset of its Moto Z. We were able to test this smartphone with its different Moto Mods and here are our impressions.
Motorola is stronger than ever before. The old icon of the smartphone market is back in force with the Moto Z which is available for purchase since last September. But this rebirth is explained by the takeover of Motorola by the giant Lenovo . The latter has given the company a new lease of life with premium products that have nothing to envy the competition. The Moto Z illustrates this rebirth. This high-end smartphone is very beautiful and its finesse leaves no one indifferent. Good to take in hand, this new Device has successfully passed our different test steps and here are our impressions.
Far from being revolutionary, the Moto Z offers a new modular approach. But Lenovo did not just follow the lead of LG with its G5. As our marketing director explained, it’s been 3 years since the group worked on this technology. And the result is good. Lenovo / Motorola has successfully developed the concept to make it convenient and usable easily. And apart from its finesse, the Moto Z is aesthetically distinguished by its camera that exceeds a little, in the back of the phone. But what we really kiffé, these are the tricks that allow to launch the camera or activate the flashlight, shaking the smartphone.
The first thing you want to do with this Moto Z is to watch videos. It should be said that its 5.5-inch screen borders perfection. Whether we look at Narcos in VOD or a Champions League match as cruel as that of the French team against Spain, the result is beyond our expectations. The colors are amazing and the screen adapts to all the lighting conditions , from the sun terrace to the dark room. In terms of quality, the screen of the Moto Z is easily comparable to that of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. And the interior of this modular smartphone is also compelling.
There is thus a Qualcomm processor with four-core and 4GB which turn the smartphone without any sign of slowing down. But photo level, the Moto Z loses a bit of its superb. As soon as you zoom in a bit, the photos are pixelated. And that’s where the Moto Mods have a role to play. And the first accessory that interests us and which clips to the back of the smartphone is the Hasselblad True Zoom. Released at the same time as the Moto Z Play, this photo sensor signed by Hasselbald (a brand whose devices were used for the first conquest of Space in 1962) will enable you to incredibly zoom in for such a small smartphone X10).
Lenovo: We tested the Moto Z with its various Moto Mods!
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As for the JBL Moto Mods SoundBoost, it gives the Moto Z an unheard-of stereo power. With this Moto Mod, you will not be ashamed to draw your smartphone in the evening . But the accessory that really amazed us is the Insta-Share Projector. This module offers a pico projector that projects up to 70 inches. It’s really cool when you want to watch clips quickly on YouTube with friends. Finally, the Moto Mod Incipio offGRID Power PackIncipio offGRID Power Pack is a kind of standalone battery power pack that allows you to recover up to 22 hours of battery without plugging your smartphone into an outlet. The only problem is that these Moto Mods are quite expensive.
Overall, the Moto Z is a very good smartphone. Even if its camera does not meet all our expectations, the Moto Z has more than one trump in its chassis. The Lenovo / Motorola smartphone was officially sold at 649 euros and was the hardest: Competing with the iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 without copying them and offering accessories that had never been tested with A smartphone. MeltyStyle validates this pretty device, while awaiting the release of its successor the Moto Z (2017) which should put everyone in agreement. Meanwhile, you can shoot the Moto Z by ICI