Lenses for smartphone, waterproof loudspeaker … 5 high-tech gifts to offer your mother for her party!

Techno 11 May, 2017

Are you out of ideas for Mother’s Day? Here are 5 high-tech gift ideas that will make your mommy kiffer!
In case you do not know, Mother’s Day is fast approaching! On May 28, you will have the mission to spoil the one who gave birth to you, with a gift adapted to his personality … But also to your budget! A few hours ago, meltyStyle confided to you that Withings Activité Pop was available for less than 60 euros . Chic and elegant, the connected watch promised to be the perfect gift. But if you are not convinced by this idea, then we have 5 alternatives to suggest you … We found them in the section “Mom” of the site L’Avant Gardiste, which describes itself as a n Originality (and it says true) . You will see, the 5 products we selected for you are really all stylish.
1) The Show Speak
If your mother enjoys listening to music and / or chatting wherever she is, then the Show Speak is the perfect gift! This Bluetooth speaker allows him to listen to his favorite sounds even in the shower, and answer the calls that have passed him. It absolutely controls everything via the buttons that are embedded in the product. The Show Speak is worth 36.95 euros, and it is available in blue, pink and black.
2) A lens kit for smartphones
The second gift of our selection corresponds to all moms who love to immortalize moments of life with their smartphone. This is a kit that contains a wide angle lens, macro lens and fish eye lens for selfies & more stylish pictures than ever. This kit is available on the Avant Gardiste site for 10.95 euros, and it adapts to all smartphones.
3) A Jack Rabbit Multiple Earphone Jack
This ultra-practical gadget with a playful shape allows you to connect 2 pairs of headphones to the same device. No need to settle for a single headset to watch a video or a series with someone … Thanks to this beautiful multi-socket, everyone can enjoy it. The Jack Rabbit is sold at a price of 10.95 euros, and it is compatible with all devices equipped with a jack.
4) A phosphorescent USB lamp
If your mama used to watch in front of her PC, then this accessory is perfectly adapted! It is a phosphorescent USB lamp that connects to a computer, to bring brightness without lighting the ceiling light. Plus, it’s stylish! It is offered at only 12.95 euros, which is really interesting.
5) A mushroom enclosure
And to finish our selection, here is the mushroom enclosure! It connects in Bluetooth and it is waterproof … So it diffuses the music as well in the living room as in the shower. Admit it’s convenient! Special mention for the hands free kit, which allows to unhook by pressing the head of the mushroom. This speaker is sold 24.95 euros, and you can shopper it here . By what object are you interested?