LG G6: A mini version in borderless mode?

Techno 1 May, 2017

And if LG offered a mini version to its G6, famous smartphone on the screen impressive? It seems that the latter could come out while keeping its borderless side!
While the Samsung Galaxy S8 retains much attention with its huge screen, the LG G6 offers an equally interesting alternative. And while the flagship is officially available since April 24 , the firm could propose its mini version for those who would not want to encumber a large model . Impossible not to think about the iPhone 5S which is still a great success thanks to its relatively small size. It is the TechnoBuffalo site which is at the origin of this leak and, failing to disclose the document from where they come, offered first information. Information that must be recognized rather tempting.
For starters, the LG G6 would go from a 5.7 inch screen to 5.4 inches while keeping a screen ratio to get a borderless smartphone. Because it is one of the arguments of this last : to propose a model almost covered by a screen, answering the dreams of many high-tech aficionados. It remains to be seen if the information around this upcoming LG G6, which we have rendered our verdict around its quality after a week of testing , are truthful. For as long as the firm has not confirmed anything, Internet users can only rely on the statements of TechnoBuffalo . And in the world of smartphones, many rumors can prove to be true as false … Tempted by a LG G6 mini?