LG G6: Design, waterproofing … The manufacturer teases his flagship before the MWC!

Techno 21 February, 2017

LG has not resisted the urge to teaser its LG G6. On its official website, the manufacturer has confirmed some of its characteristics.
The MWC 2017 is fast approaching, and builders are each pushing up the pressure in their own way. And at this little game, LG is particularly gifted. Last week, the South Korean manufacturer played the security card with a teaser where the reliability of the LG G6 was put forward . A nose to Samsung and the explosion of the Galaxy Note 7 last summer. But this week, there are other characteristics of the flagship that its manufacturer has put forward … testifies the dedicated page added to its official website . The LG G6’s design and sealing are confirmed, among others . No need to wait until February 26 to glean valuable information about her.
“What’s in your wish list for 2017? Waterproof design? A camera that captures everything at once?” The LG has it all – and it’s coming soon! Discover its amazing features like the body Smooth all-metal, advanced fingerprint reader, among other premium details , ” reveals the manufacturer before inviting its customers to sign up for the dedicated newsletter. At the heart of the rumors since the beginning of the year, the LG G6 promises to be one of the stars of MWC 2017 . Now we can not wait to see it in its entirety. See you on February 26! You’re going to follow the MWC?