LG G6: Its price has leaked, and it will not please you!

Techno 2 February, 2017

Contrary to what was hoped, the LG G6 could be marketed at a higher price than the LG G5. 770 dollars are mentioned.
Earlier in the day, meltyStyle confided that the LG borderless design G6 was confirmed via a prototype leak . On the pictures, we discovered a very elegant smartphone, with a metal chassis and rounded edges. But according to the rumors, this elegance would have a price … Indeed, the smartphone of the Asian manufacturer would be marketed at a higher rate than its predecessor. This increase could also be explained by the device’s premium features, which should differ according to the market concerned.
Each market would be entitled to an adapted version of the LG G6. For example, wireless charging would be available in Europe but not in Korea, such as relays Phonandroid . Why sort the functionality? To reduce the sale price of the flagship. But that would not prevent it from being more expensive than the LG G5. According to rumors, the LG G6 would be marketed at a sale price of 770 dollars minimum, against 720 for his predecessor . It is not huge, but it could weigh in the balance. Appointment on February 26, the official date of its presentation , to have confirmation. Could the price of the LG G6 harm him according to you?