LG G6 vs iPhone 6s Plus: A speed test split the two smartphones!

Techno 18 April, 2017

While we have already compared the LG G6 with the iPhone 7, the youtube Nick Ackerman has not hesitated to confront the latest smartphone from LG to the iPhone 6s Plus. The result will surprise more than one!
Available for a few days in pre-order, the LG G6 has everything to please. This smartphone, which has been tested at the editorial office , is ideal for all those who dream of a big screen without being congested however. But to gauge the performance of the LG G6 in a way more objective, the youtube Nick Ackerman has not hesitated to confront this new flagship Android 7 Nougat to an iPhone 6s Plus under iOS 10.3 . So, in your opinion, who gets away with overall speed? The next lines should leave you speechless.
This speed test opposes two smartphones by launching several applications in order to test the overall speed and the multitasking capabilities of the devices. Among the applications are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter but also Uber, Wikipedia or the game Subway Surfers. And as you can see, the apps are open several times to test the management of the RAM by the system. And finally, it’s the iPhone 6s Plus with its chip 19 and its 2GB Ram that wins this test of speed, while the LG G6 is still equipped with the Snapdragon 821 and 4GB Ram. Otherwise, you can also discover the speed test opposing the LG G6 to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and OnePlus 3T