LG G6 vs iPhone 7 Plus: Which one has the best quality outdoor photo?

Techno 7 April, 2017

We compared the photo quality of the LG G6 with that of the iPhone 7 Plus. You’ll see, the South Korean smartphone has nothing to envy to its American competitor.
A few weeks ago, meltyStyle was reading the three presumed highlights of the LG G6 . It was about design, image quality and photo quality. Enthused by his strengths in these areas of great importance, it was logically impatient to experience it. That is why as soon as we had the LG G6 in our hands, we looked at the third point. To measure the value of its dual sensor, it was taken a ride with the iPhone 7 Plus, precisely known to be performing in this field. We captured the flowers and vegetation of a Parisian park at the end of the day, then compare the pictures taken with the two terminals. Before analyzing the pictures in question, we let you discover them below.
At his press conference during the MWC, LG had assured that the dual 13 megapixel sensor of his LG G6 would make high quality photos. One has only to look at the ones that were taken to find that the manufacturer was not mistaken. The first thing that is obvious is the sharpness of the clichés taken with the new Asian flagship (left and top on the assemblies) . Next, the pictures taken with the iPhone 7 Plus seem almost fuzzy, while they are not at all when viewed individually. But it is not the only thing that has been noticed … The colors are also warmer and more faithful to reality when they are captured with the LG G6. To summarize, It seems that the flagship transcribed with incredible precision the scenes that were played before our eyes at the moment when they were immortalized. Now, we can not wait to test its camera in low light, and also its portrait mode. Meanwhile, test your knowledge about it . So, what do you think?