Lincoln would think of to bring back the doors “suicide”

Avto 26 March, 2018
  • Frédéric Mercier

    Monday, march 26, 2018 08:40

    Monday, march 26, 2018 08:40

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    To give a boost to the sales of the Continental, Lincoln would consider resurrecting a classic.

    According to Automotive News, the luxury brand associated with Ford would consider offering an alternative to door locks of the type “suicide” of his luxury sedan, the Continental.

    Lincoln Continental 2017

    Frédéric Mercier


    Already offered by the Continental in the early 60’s, these doors that can be opened in the opposite direction of the door common of which are endangered in the automotive industry. Apart from at Rolls-Royce, and some pickup trucks, it became a relic of the past.

    However, the intentions of Lincoln would be serious. The manufacturer would have made to representatives of several dealers in the framework of the annual gathering of the National Automobile Dealers Association, which was held this weekend in Las Vegas. The new has not yet been officially confirmed by Lincoln.

    Remember also, that the concept of Continental modern, unveiled at the auto Show in New York in 2015, was precisely of the rear doors of the type “suicide”. When the production model was unveiled, it had, however, replaced by a traditional model.


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    One thing is for certain, a bit of renewal would not do harm to Continental, whose sales do not seem to be up to the expectations of Lincoln since his grand return in 2017.