Lionel Messi: The secret of Guardiola to make it better

Sport 15 November, 2016

lionel-messi-pep-guardiola-barcelone-barcaPep Guardiola and Lionel Messi have a special relationship since the first led Argentina to Barca. And he had a trick to make it better.

What was the secret of Pep Guardiola at Barca? Are necessarily something to explain his 14 trophies in four seasons right? Obviously, this is easier when there are a certain Lionel Messi in their squad. But it is still necessary to use it properly. And this is where the technician had his little trick. This is Samir Nasri, who rubbed the Spanish few days to Manchester City this season, which has revealed. “During a free day, he said:” Those who want to have sex, it’s midnight “because we need a good night’s sleep He did that with Messi, who since being injured more about the plan. muscle, and Lewandowski, qui’il had at one time been on the bench and made him understand some things ” , said the former Marseille on the set of L’Equipe du Soir .

“You were lying at what time yesterday?”

Oh yeah, he’s like that Pep! A mixture of Guy Roux and Cinderella has paid off anyway. Fortunately he never had to direct Romario and Ronaldinho … Moreover, it is also why he had asked Ronnie to leave the club when he arrived on the Catalan bench as the Brazilian n ‘was never against a small party, and even the day before a match (is not that Luis?) Anyway, Nasri would perhaps not appreciated the methods and preferred from Pep to Sevilla this season. And after a few months, it seems to have made the right decision when you see his performance on the field (three goals in eight matches). Sampaoli and then he thinks what reports after midnight? Read also: Lionel Messi admired by a famous fan of Real Madrid . What do you think of this story?