Mac Pro: Apple’s Confession of Failure

Techno 17 April, 2017

Apple wants to reassure its business customers. For that, it will totally rethink the Mac Pro. Yet it is an enormous confession of failure. The geek chronicle decrypts this decision.
The information has passed relatively unnoticed, it says yet long on the current strategy of Apple. Last week, several journalists met Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi, who does not think the 2016 Macbook Pro are too expensive . The meeting was about the Mac Pro, the powerful machine for professionals that has not been updated since … 2013. Subject of many criticisms, the device is no longer adapted to the needs of the current market. The reporters report Apple’s desire to totally rethink the computer, and reported a volt-face: the next generation of the Mac Pro will be more open, more modular. This is an important strategy change for the apple brand. The event is nevertheless the witness of a small crisis in Cupertino. The geek chronicle of meltyStyle decrypts.
The iPhone accounts for 69% of Apple’s sales in 2017. This is an incredible proportion. This justifies that the smartphone occupies a prominent place in the strategy of development of the mark. The mobile has the right to many novelties … at the expense of the rest of the range. IPad, Apple TV, Mac and even  Watch have the right to very irregular updates. So it was almost 850 days that the Mac Pro had not been upgraded. And last week, on April 6, 2017, Apple realized that the machine was no longer tailored to the professional market requirements. For four years, nobody at Apple realized it. Even though the sales figures are confidential, the Mac Pro has an important place in Apple’s strategy. It is he who is, for example, used to design iPhone apps,
In Apple’s history, confessions of failure are quite rare. The Mac Pro situation is one. The company promises a more open dialogue with the professional public, to better meet its expectations. But will this be the case? With less attention on products like the iPad or the Mac, the Cupertino firm will have to regain the confidence of the pros. Indeed, it has seen them leave in number to Windows, or build their own “hackinstosh” . If Apple does not want to sink at the same time as its smartphone, it will have to find new relays of growth. Yet we predict record sales to the iPhone 8, despite the Galaxy S8 . What do you think ?