Meizu Pro 7: A photo unveils its curved screen!

Techno 4 April, 2017

The Meizu Pro 7 reveals itself in a leaked photo! The opportunity to appreciate its elegant design and its curved borders.
A few hours ago, meltyStyle confided to you that the Meizu Pro 6 was promoted on the site of the manufacturer . Thanks to the 30% discount offered, you could shopper the smartphone less than 300 euros. It was really a good plan! But if you have a more substantial budget, then you might be better off waiting … Why? Because the Pro 7 that will succeed him is really very heavy. From a purely aesthetic point of view, the Meizu smartphone should stand out with an elegant design with curved edges . This is in any case what the photo suggests that has just leaked. Before you say more, we let you take notice of the photo in question.
With its curved edges, the Meizu Pro 7 gets closer to the Galaxy S8 while retaining the sobriety that characterized its predecessors. It is equipped with a Home button on the front panel, which should also serve as a fingerprint reader. The whole is seductive, as you can see. Meizu’s Pro 7 will also have assets to compete with its competitors … The rumors evoke an AMOLED screen, a Helio X30 processor with 10 cores and a RAM of 4 GB. ‘A Plus variant of the device would also come out later in the year. While waiting to learn more, test your knowledge about the Meizu M5s . Seduced by the alleged design of the Meizu Pro 7?