Microsoft Surface: The next model would be a foldable smartphone

Techno 31 January, 2017

According to a patent made public, the next Microsoft Surface should take the surprising form of a … smartphone!
Microsoft has always struggled to find a place in the smartphone market, dominated by several giants and operating systems popular with users (iOS, Android …). However, with the success of its Microsoft Surface that made him save several million profit , the manufacturer seems to want to give a second chance with a new model oriented toward the phone. A patent for the latter has even been made public, to discover its pliability and its technical characteristics . The smartphone would be equipped with a 5.5 inch screen that once unfolded offers 7.0 inches for a resolution of 1440 x 960 pixels. What to offer a nice surface.
However, Microsoft does not specify the operating system that will be used by the Microsoft Surface smartphone release. The firm she will opt for Android or she will continue with Windows Phone , OS too little recognized by users? No doubt that is relaunching strongly in this market, the manufacturer will take the least risk to close sales at the height of the Microsoft Surface Studio whose numbers were on top during the Christmas holidays . Without forgetting that, despite the presence of this patent, there is no indication that the firm will lead the development of the term telephone and will indeed offer a foldable smartphone. What do you think ?