Mitsubishi Outlander: do not rely on the appearance!

Avto 29 January, 2018
  • Photo courtesy, Mitsubishi
    The Mitsubishi Outlander is a utility to compact size offering a prize interesting.

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    The Mitsubishi Outlander is without doubt not the compact utility is the most beautiful in the industry. This does not prevent him from being a careful construction and offer a design that is interesting in several respects. It must not always trust to appearances.

    We do not speak often of the brand Mitsubishi. This is normal, since its product range currently comprises three models : the small car Mirage and the two utilities RVR and Outlander. But things will quickly move in this manufacturer, because there is change in the air.

    These models will be added very soon are two exciting new. A new compact utility dubbed Eclipse Cross will make its debut on the canadian market. Modern in design, this attractive vehicle will have its canadian premiere at the auto Show in Toronto in February, and it will be on sale in march. The dealers of the brand will also receive very soon their first Outlander PHEV, a variant plug-in hybrid model which we test.

    In addition, the recent announcement of the integration of Mitsubishi the Renault-Nissan Alliance makes the people of this manufacturer much more enthusiastic than they were before.

    This is the context in which we test the top-selling model of the japanese brand in Canada as in the United States : the utility Outlander.

    Silhouette kind, beautiful dimensions

    This first contact helped us discover a vehicle to the practical dimensions, with an aesthetic rather some sort of massive forms which are not batting an eyelid person (although the appearance of things remains a concept that is very subjective, this is true). Fortunately, in 2016, the manufacturer has given the Outlander a new front panel over-worked, which gives more character to the vehicle, the origins of which date back to 2012.

    Photo courtesy, Mitsubishi

    The design of the dashboard is rather plain but its development is useful.

    Failing to turn heads, the shapes of the Outlander are distinguishable all the same positively in another way. The beltline low and horizontal which is allied to a glass surface generously provides the driver of the vehicle with a field of vision broad, especially towards the rear, high-quality, low common among all of the utilities contemporaries.

    Its dimensions are very similar to those of the models of its class, one of the most important market. In this sense, the Outlander compares favourably to its rivals, to begin by those which are the most sold : (in order) the Toyota RAV, Honda CR-V and Nissan Rogue. These dimensions are, in fact, a vehicle accommodating for four adults, but also a little bulky and so pleasant to drive in urban areas.

    The canadian-made line has four versions — ES, SE, SE Anniversary and GT — all of which have four-wheel drive, a wise choice given our road conditions in winter but also in summer for driving under the rain or on dirt road.

    Standard equipment attractive

    Standard equipment is relatively comprehensive and includes, among other things, mirrors outside heated power-adjustable, heated front seats, de-icer windshield wipers, a tilt and telescopic steering wheel with cruise and audio controls, remote keyless entry, an audio system 140-watt, six-speaker, same as an air conditioner to automatic climate control.

    All optional Tourism is one of the options of the versions ES (how we test) and the two least expensive, adds a bench fold additional that gives the vehicle seven-passenger seating. It also includes a glass roof, electric sunroof, alloy wheels 18-inch, which replace wheels set of 16-inch, projectors fog lights, a rear-view mirror, électrochromatique and roof rails.

    For the SE version only, this ensemble enriches the endowment of a system of rear cross-traffic alert and a device for monitoring dead angles. It is a pity that the buyers of a Outlander ES, who opt for this package very affordable (1 700 $), have to go without these two safety devices very practical. To get them, they should choose another optional set called Premium which includes them, but that costs 4 600 $. This substantial amount will push the buyer towards the Outlander.

    In addition, two powertrains are very different appear in the catalog. The version of the entry-level ES is equipped with a 4-cylinder 2.4 L engine with 166 hp coupled to a gearbox with continuously variable automatic. A small engine, occupying little space under the hood, it seems more easy to maintain. The other three versions share a V6 3.0 L. It transmits its 224-hp four-wheel drive through a gearbox 6-speed automatic.

    Strongly the V6

    Among these two atmospheric engine, the 4-cylinder is naturally less greedy, as evidenced by its fuel consumption average of 9.1 L/100 km. It is 16% lower than that of the V6 (10.6 L/100 km). On the other hand, the power of the 4 cylinder is just a little (0-100 km/h in around 10 s, compared to about 8 s for the V6) and his box of continuous variation is significantly less discreet, especially on exertion. The V6 will also be the natural choice for the motorist who has a small trailer to pull, since it increase the towing capacity of 680 to 1 588 kg (1 500 to 3 500 lb). The 4-cylinder is clearly to create an entry-level version affordable, no more.

    Photo courtesy, Mitsubishi

    The safe flexible the Outlander particularly like, as it makes this vehicle practical.

    The interior is spacious and the high quality of the assembly jumps to the eyes. However, the bucket seats are firm and provide little lateral support. Behind, two adults will find ample space to make long trips comfortably. As for the rear bench, in versions with seven seats, it is suitable only for very small passengers. It is better to forget it.

    Anyway, this second seat and considerably reduces the useful volume of the trunk when it is in place. However, it is sufficient to fold (or not have) to see the volume go from a lean 292 L to a 968 The most desirable. But still, folding down also the seat central, we have 1 792 L of useful volume, a dimension slightly less than that of the Rogue, CR-V and RAV4, but little. This safe, versatile also contributes in many cases to make the Outlander an attractive to buyers.

    Another characteristic common to all products of Mitsubishi, yet unknown, like a lot. He is the warranty program of the manufacturer, one of the best in the industry. The Outlander comes with a basic warranty of 5 years or 100 000 km with roadside assistance for 5 years (unlimited mileage) and its powertrain is covered for 10 years or 160 000 km. However, no one chooses a vehicle because collateral, but by comparing they can eventually influence the final choice.

    The Outlander plug-in hybrid finally arrives !

    Photo courtesy, Mitsubishi

    Mitsubishi Otulander PHEV 2018.

    A new vehicle that is electrified has made his debut at the Mitsubishi dealerships. This is the Outlander PHEV (for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle or hybrid electric vehicle rechargeable).

    Featured in the booth of the brand at the Salon international de l auto de Montréal, the Outlander PHEV is sold from 42 998 $ and a discount on the purchase of $ 4,000 is being offered by the government of Quebec, not to mention different discount for the rental.

    Only SUV hybrid rechargeable electric offering all-wheel-drive electric in Canada, this new Outlander is powered by a 4-cylinder aspirated 2.0 L paired with two electric motors, each producing 60 kW and are powered by a lithium-ion battery of 12 kWh.

    This system thruster would allow him to travel up to approximately 50 km in pure electric mode, it in the best conditions of course.

    New on the north american market, the Outlander PHEV is already well-known elsewhere in the world. In 2016, Mitsubishi has sold nearly 120 000, which has made the utility plug-in hybrid the most sold on the planet. This year, the Outlander has been the plug-in hybrid the most sold in Norway, all categories !

    Mitsubishi Outlander

    Base price

    • 28 998 $ (ES 4WD) ;
    • 32 298 $ (SE 4WD) ;
    • 34 998 $ (Anniversary 4WD) ;
    • 37 998 $ (GT 4WD).

    Transport and preparation

    1 450 $


    (1) L4 SOHC, 2.4 L, 166 hp at 6,000 rpm, 162 lb-ft at 4,200 rpm ; (2) V6 SOHC, 3.0 L, 224 hp at 6,250 rpm and 215 lb-ft at 3 750 rpm. Transmission continuously variable automatic (2.4 L) or 6-speed (3.0 L). Four-wheel drive.


    Four-wheel independent Suspension. Disc brakes to all four wheels. Anti-lock braking system series. Tires : P215/70 R16 (ES and SE) ; P225/55 R18 (Anniversary and GT)


    Wheelbase : 2 670 mm ; length : 4 695 mm ; width : 1 810 mm ; height : 1 710 mm. Weight : 1 545-1 645 kg. Tank Volume : 60 litres. Trunk Volume : 292-1 792 L. towing Capacity : 680 kg (2.4 L) ; 1 588 kg (3.0 L). Average consumption (manufacturer) : 9.1 L/100 km (2.4 L) ; 10.6 L/100 km (3.0 L).


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    • Assembly neat
    • Safety deposit box large
    • Warranty attractive

    Weak Points

    • Suspension soft
    • Silhouette any
    • Back seat little practice