More beautiful life, roommate Barbara is lost, Sabrina investigation, the recap ‘of the week on France 3

Cinema 3 December, 2016

The roommates’ of Plus Belle La Vie continue their investigation into the death of Cyril Rochat. Barbara side, the absence of Mitya the great concern …

plus-belle-la-vie-pblv-france-3-france-televisionsThe spirit of Christmas has not hit the Mistral! This week in Plus Belle La Vie, Mitya broke up with Barbara SMS . The roadie are not mince words to end his relationship with the young cook. This news has upset Barbara who tried to seek explanation that could explain the decision to Mitya. Soon, the silence of the young man ended up worrying Barbara. And if Mitya was in trouble? This is the thesis which seems to be confirmed since Francesco had an argument with him last week and as a waitress, Italian would “stumble” Mitya … What has really happened between the two men?
While Francesco was put in the mess alone, Julien’s nightmare is finally over. The musician was released from prison because the police got hold of another suspect, or rather another suspect. Céline Frémont has emerged as the # 1 guilty of the murder of Cyril. His health problems were presented on the carpet and all those bad memories disrupted our dear lawyer. The return of “Crazy Celine” in Plus Belle La Vie is confirmed daily on France 3. However, is it really linked to the murder of Cyril? Nothing is less certain … We are given an appointment on Monday to follow all the further adventures of the roommates’ of Plus Belle La Vie .
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