Motorcycle Safety; For the Most Part, It’s All in Your Hands

Business 14 April, 2022

In the UK, motorcycle safety isn’t really taken as seriously as it could be, certainly considering that most safety apparel can be found on the suggested items list of the highway code, and not required by law either. As such, especially for new riders, it could give the impression that just wearing a helmet for safety is a sensible idea, which, of course, as any experienced rider will know, isn’t the case at all…

The figures speak for themselves

Based on information on the government’s website, there are around 9000 ‘slightly’ injured motorcycle riders, or passengers per year, another 4500, or so are seriously injured, and there are roughly 300 deaths to throw in for good measure. Based upon those figures, and the category of injuries, surely doing something more like purchasing Wheels Motorcycle clothing, to prevent, or lessen the chance of such a large number of ‘slightly’ injured, and seriously injured riders

Clearly there is a big difference in terms of the number of people that die, and the people that don’t, which is highly likely due to helmets being a legal requirement. If advanced safety courses and additional safety clothing were mandatory, then the injured figures might be a little closer to the hundreds instead of the thousands. As it stands though the best thing a rider, or regular passenger can do is to educate themselves, and speak with experienced riders before starting their journey as a motorcycle rider.

Understanding the consequences

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to increase your knowledge, and skill set to a much higher level than is usually obtained, as standard. Doing so will increase your chances of safety whilst riding, so you could start by moving the recommended clothing items to the essential column, and then investigate what happens if you don’t wear things like gloves, for example.

If you’ve ridden a push bike for a long time, perhaps on a camping trip, or such like without protection for your hands, then you may remember what it does to your hands, followed by a sudden need to buy a pair of cycling gloves. For anyone that hasn’t, your skin will most probably turn hard on the palms of your hands, and there is every chance that you will develop calluses, and blisters which can be really painful. And that’s without having to control a throttle with your right hand!

Motorcycle safety apparel

Gloves, and hands are but one example, and one of the least damaging things that will happen if you ride without protection for your hands. Now think about the rest of your body, and what could happen. Consider the process of changing gears with your left foot on a regular basis, you’ll need something a little sturdier than your running shoes, that’s for sure.

When you stop to think about the wear and tear that your body will endure, without something like an accident thrown in, it hopefully starts to put things into perspective regarding safety apparel, and the obscure reasons that they aren’t ‘official’ must haves.

Advanced riding courses

In addition to the lack of requirements for you to be properly safe whilst riding your motorcycle, obtaining a basic CBT licence isn’t exactly hard, nor does it fully prepare a new rider for the public highways. An advanced riding course, on the other hand is one of the smartest things that a new rider could seek to take part in.