Must one wash his car in the winter?

Avto 1 February, 2018
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    Germain Goyer

    Thursday, 1 February 2018 13:26

    Thursday, 1 February 2018 13:26

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    Keep his own vehicle in the winter, it is almost a daily challenge. You just need to roll a few meters in the snow or slush so that it is messing up a bumper to the other.

    But even if it stays bright for less time in winter, it must not neglect its cleanliness, especially if you want to keep your vehicle a long time and in good condition.

    Here are burst a few good reasons to wash your car in the winter… and a few tips to ensure that the work is well done.

    Be more visible

    If you do not wash your car in full, be certain that your headlights and your lights are clean. You will be much more visible to other motorists.

    Can see better

    The wipers and washer fluid make it possible to clean your windshield while driving. Did you learn nothing with it. But the side windows, they remain dirty permanently. And it is the same if you don’t have a wiper on the rear window. Wash them often in order to have the best visibility possible.

    Nothing prevents you from washing your windows from the inside if you see they are dirty. It, the car wash will not do it for you!

    The war in the calcium

    Washing your car helps remove calcium. The calcium comes stupidly from the salt spread on the road in the winter. And that cause the accumulation of calcium? The corrosion! And that, we do want to especially not on our self.

    Eliminate the calcium on the inside too

    The calcium builds up not only on the body, but on the carpet of your car, which could cause corrosion of the floor. We don’t want that either. Take note that vinegar is very effective way to eliminate the traces of calcium on the tissue.

    Auto in a car wash

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    Attention, the water, it freezes in sub-zero

    If on a clear day, you try to wash your own car in your driveway, be careful. You could quickly find yourself on an ice rink.

    Dry or archisèche?

    If you go to the car wash, bring a chamois to squeeze out every door. Otherwise, you might be hard to open them the next morning. Don’t forget the trunk! If you wash your own car, you will not be able to take advantage of the dryer of the car wash.

    You will need to use a chamois to wipe everything. And you have not finished the twist and the bend! When you give a beauty to your car during a beautiful day of July, the water droplets evaporate well, but it is very different in February.

    Also, make sure that there is no accumulated water in your locks. You might have difficulty to unlock…

    Dry the inside too

    Do well to dry your carpet after washing. Otherwise, you could end up with moisture accumulation, which is anything but desirable. The moisture helps, of course, the corrosion, but also causes unpleasant odors.

    Take the extra for the wax

    Car wash, pay the little extra for the wax. The wax will protect your paint unlike soap, which makes that a wash. This tip also applies to all the other seasons.

    Big wash spring

    Once the spring arrived, it is time to wash it thoroughly. Vacuum the carpet, story of say goodbye to the small rocks that had accumulated over the last few months. Please do not hesitate to leave everything behind in the car and do the sorting, it does not hurt. In addition, it will remain clean for a long time.

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