Nike: Cristiano Ronaldo validates the Air Max 97 Gold by quoting Silver!

Avto 6 February, 2017

Cristiano Ronaldo covers his golden feet with the Air Max 97 Gold. But the Portuguese does not forget his silver variant. A duel at the top.
Happy Birthday Cristiano Ronaldo! The Ballon d’Or 2016 celebrates this February 5 its 32 years. The Real Madrid player who makes you dream by his dribbling, his records and especially his duel against Lionel Messi will not have the opportunity to celebrate his birthday on the grounds. The Real match at Celta Vigo was postponed due to bad weather in northern Spain. Therefore, it leaves all the time for CR7 to animate its community on Instagram. If you are part of the 89.1 million subscribers of the Euro 2016 winner, you probably did not escape its weekend post. We do a reminder if you have not been careful. Cristiano Ronaldo has shown in his casual cracking girls we recognize him gladly. What strikes them are the Air Max 97 Gold they wear on the feet and the legend written to illustrate them.
“You got Silver?” “I have Gold. The message is clear from Cristiano Ronaldo . The Real Madrid player is ranked number 1. However, you can always be happy to have the silver version of the Air Max 97 that remains a jewel of style just as much as the golden version. Karim Benzema’s teammate is just in another category in the image of his Bugatti Veyron making a cameo in the photo. Despite his difficulties on the ground lately, Cristiano Ronaldo perfectly leads his life off the field, his future shows connected is a perfect example. What to think serenely in the after football but just like you, we hope to see him play a few more years.