Nissan Maxima 2018: between two chairs

Avto 18 December, 2017
  • Germain Goyer

    Saturday, 16 December, 2017 08:00

    Saturday, 16 December, 2017 08:00

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    In 2016, Nissan has renewed its Maxima. It was nice, but one thing remains the same: it is between two chairs as she tries in vain to carve out a place between the Altima and the Infiniti Q50. After all, a Q50 costs a mere $ 3000 dollars less than a basic Maximum…

    But this is not all. The Maxima also has the misfortune to be part of a segment loss of speed, or one of the sedans, full-size, which make the happiness of the people, we will say, lead to less and less.

    Nissan Maxima 2018


    Just a good V6

    Side motorization, it has not broken the bicycle at Nissan. There is only one V6, and it is correct as well. It develops 300 horsepower and 261 pound-feet of torque and this power is more than sufficient. We should remember that it is a sedan, not a race car. However, we could not pass over in silence that this power is relatively high to be simply transmitted to the front wheels.

    No turbo, no hybrid technology, no ado. Nothing. Just a good old V6, which fulfilled all that was asked of him. It’s not a dream person, but it does the job without saying a word. So we appreciate it! In the long term, there is no reason to question the reliability of this engine.

    In terms of consumption, this is not that complicated. It consumes, yes, as a sedan powered by a V6 because that is what it is. On average, I recorded a 13.6 L/100 km on a little more than 200 kilometres driven mainly in urban areas. On the side of Nissan, it was announced 11.1 L/100 km in town and 7.8 on the road.

    Not awd

    The direct competitors to the Maxima are not very clearly defined. And this is probably because the target audience for the Maxima is not well targeted either. On the website of Nissan, according to the criterion chosen, Nissan compares to different cars. In regards to power, the japanese manufacturer compares, among others, his sedan to the Acura TLX and the BMW 3 Series. Two cars that offer the wheel to the full, but not the Maxima.

    Yes, all the world can survive without awd. But in Quebec, once you tasted, you no longer want and can no longer be without it. But don’t worry, Nissan also compares its Maxima to the Chevrolet Impala and Toyota Avalon, which, in my opinion, are competing much more direct. Incidentally, these two sedans do not offer a train full.

    Nissan Maxima 2018


    For a time a CVT transmission is not unpleasant!

    I have not always been tender with respect to the automatic transmissions to continuously variable transmission (CVT). They have made me spend more than once. But this time, in the Maxima, I am forced to say that she didn’t dislike at all, even I would go so far as to say that it is effective. During hard acceleration, even with the Sport mode activated, it proved to be without reproach.

    Interior finish satisfactory

    Nissan is not a manufacturer of prestige, but inside, it was able to set everything up. If you opt for the version in SR, you will even have the right to trim in Alcantara. In the trial version or the Platinum, you could count on leather-appointed seating Ascot, which enhances the comfort.

    Nissan Maxima 2018


    The rear seats disappointing

    I wrote above that the Maxima is a sedan, not a sports car. But for a sedan of this size, the rear seats are somewhat disappointing. As the space reserved for the driver and the co-pilot is more than enough, as those that take place in the back feel a little cramped. The legroom is, on the whole, suitable.

    If you don’t want to “wow”

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Infiniti makes heads turn. Especially not the popular Q50. But the fact to buy a luxury car comes with a certain prestige. And with that, the Maxima doesn’t offer. Yet, remember, there are only 3000 $ between the versions of the input range of these two models.

    All that to say that if you buy a Maxima, don’t expect to make jealous your neighbor or your brother-in-law. They will just think that you’re purchasing a big Altima.

    Nissan Maxima 2018



    Even if I had the pleasure to drive it during the trial week which exceeded my expectations, I would be hesitant to get myself a Maxima brand new. In its basic version, the SV, the Maxima is comprised of almost 37 000 $. As for the version, the more well-to-do, or the Platinum as the test, it is necessary to pay more than 44 000 $ to get it.

    I’d probably be inclined to take a look on the side of vehicles of occasion in order to find a pearl used with little mileage, I would save several thousands of dollars. One can, without too much force, find a copy a year old or two with about 30 000 miles for a little less than 30 000 $. Here, we are talking about a good deal. Find a Infiniti Q50 with the same characteristics would, however, be a greater challenge.

    Nissan Maxima 2018


    Technical data sheet

    Name: Nissan Maxima 2018
    Base price: 36 990$
    Price of model tested: 44 150 $
    Configuration: the Vehicle front-wheel drive with engine at the front
    Mechanical: Engine six-cylinder, 3.5-liter
    Power/torque: 300 hp/261 lb-ft
    Transmission: Automatic continuously variable transmission (CVT)
    Fuel consumption announced: 11.1 L/100 km (city) 7.8 L/100 km (highway)
    Warranty basic: 3 years/60 000 km
    Competition: Chevrolet Impala, Ford Taurus, Toyota Avalon

    Rating (out of 10)
    Fuel consumption: 7
    Equipment: 7
    Price: 6
    Style: 7
    Comfort (front): 7
    Comfort (rear): 6
    Road holding: 7
    Performance: 7
    Storage space: 7
    Overall rating: 7

    Power of the V6
    The CVT is surprisingly pleasant
    Possibility to conclude a bargain on the side of the opportunity

    High price
    Not the prestige of an Infiniti Q50
    Lack of awd