Nokia: Blackberry attacks manufacturer for patent infringement

Techno 17 February, 2017

Blackberry decided to sue Nokia in court. The Canadian company accuses its Finnish counterpart of having taken its patents. The beginning of a soap opera?
Nokia and Blackberry will be much anticipated from the coast of MWC 2017 which is held at the end of February in Barcelona. The two smartphone manufacturers are returning to the market after disappearing from the landscape in recent years. Faced with Apple, Samsung, LG, Huawei or Sony, they will have to make a place for themselves. However, if both come back this is not without problems. Blackberry remembers its glorious past in which among others it was the telephone of the President of the USA. His many patents deposited make him proud. That is why this week, the Canadian firm decided to file a lawsuit against Nokia at the North Carolina-based Wilmington federal court. Blackberry blames Nokia for breaching eleven of its patents .
What are these patents that cause Blackberry irritation? According to Tom’s Guide with Ars Technica , they are related to LTE and UMTS / UTRAN technology. Blackberry suspects and says that Nokia has used its processes on its station Flexi Multiradio. Produced by Nokia Siemens Network, the device can group and manage GSM / EDGE networks 2G, UMTS / HSPA 3G and LTE (the network prior to 4G). Other ownership of Nokia using the Blackberry patents according to the Canadian firm, the management software Liquid Radio. The complaint also concerns the sale of these devices by Nokia to telephony operators such as T-Mobile – quoted in the text – without prior authorization from Blackberry.
Blackberry Chains Complaints
For information, Tom’s Guide recalls that these patents belong to Nortel Networks, a company bought in 2011 by the Rockstar consortium of which Blackberry is a member. This is not the first complaint filed by the Canadian firm this year. Two similar cases took place a few weeks ago against Avaya (corporate communication specialist) and BLU Products (smartphone manufacturer). Nokia will be able to count on the return of the 3310 to forget this complaint of Blackberry.