One week with the u-JAYS Wireless, the ideal headset for your iPhone 6 or iPhone 7

Techno 22 February, 2017

For a week, I have been testing the u-JAYS Wireless. This oklm headphones with the iPhone 7 has a rivalry with the Beats Solo3 Wireless or the AirPods. And that’s why!
After we bluffed with his helmet u-Jays, the Swedish firm decided to cut the thread of his excellent helmet. Result: the u-JAYS Wireless can compete with the biggest. Very practical and easily transportable , this super-ear headphones can easily make you zap the Beats Solo3 Wireless from the Apple subsidiary. It’s been a week now that I listen to Medina, Damso, PNL or Niro with this helmet and I can assure you that it sends very heavy. The level of the bass is perfect. Without having touched any illegal substance, I had the impression of sharing the stage with my favorite rappers!
More nomadic than ever, the new “jewel” from JAYS may not be equipped with the W1 chip from Apple, but it is as easy to match as AirPods or a Beats Solo3 Wireless. In addition to providing exceptional ergonomic comfort, the u-JAYS Wireless headset can allow you to listen to 25 hours of non-stop music. So you have understood, this small super-auricular can be imposed as the best ally of your iPhone. Another example ? The possibility to control your music at your fingertips thanks to the touchpad. Changing the volume, tracks, pausing or taking a call has never been easier. And then, price is another asset. Cheaper than a Solo3 Wireless Beats, The wireless headset from JAYS is available at only 179 euros, here . So, what are you waiting for to make your ears happy?