OnePlus 5: A first official photo of the smartphone?

Techno 17 May, 2017

The OnePlus 5 continues to unveil itself. Today, we could observe the dual camera of the smartphone in a magnificent rendering almost official.
The release and presentation of the OnePlus 5 are planned for the next few weeks. However, its specifications are no longer a secret . We know for example that the camera should know a good power, and that its photoelectric sensors would have been the object of particular attention. The last big unknown of the smartphone concerned its design. The OnePlus 5 comes to reveal itself in an official press release, spotted on Weibo by BGR . We discover a mobile in the style very class, all black, and with a dual camera. The home button, and its fingerprint sensor are always present at the front of the smartphone. The look of the OnePlus 5 is a continuation and will not compete with the borderless design of the Galaxy S8 .
The design of the OnePlus 5 is a logical evolution of its predecessor, the 3T. The front of the device is thus identical on both smartphones, and it will be necessary to look at their backs to differentiate them. For example, the Chinese manufacturer has decided to move the dual photo sensor of the phone on the left, while keeping the flash in the center. There are also “antenna bands” on the back of the OnePlus 5 but have experienced a slimming course. We also like the black color, very similar to the edition “Midnight black” of OnePlus 3T . The whole thing should be unveiled in the coming weeks, during the summer according to the confessions of its designer. Hate to discover all that! How do you like this design?