Packaging error for muffins with hazelnuts

Business 30 June, 2017


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A fault?

The error has йtй constatйe on a part of these little cakes commercialisйs under the label “aha!” for people who are allergic.

The consumption of this muffin prйsente a health hazard for people suffering from an allergy to hazelnuts, communiquй Thursday, the great distributor. The product has йtй retirй rays.

The muffins concernйs йtaient on sale this week in the supermarchйs Migros. The dйsignation exact product on the packaging is: “muffin chocolate aha! numйro article 113206800000, at a price of 1.90 franc, а sell up to 1.8.17, and consume prйfйrence before the 11.8.17.”