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Valérie Bègue took advantage of its free holiday complex. The ex-Miss, single mom, denies himself nothing : topless, pink, everything to spend a wonderful summer in the south of France.

In his garden, Valérie Bègue enjoys the sun and not even a little. The former Miss has posted a snapshot rather bold of her, last July 20. The mom of the little Jazz is posted on her account Instagram : topless, from the back, wearing only a swimsuit bottom of. A hand in the hair, an arm in the air with a drink in hand, she contemplates the nature.

In legend, the young wife of 31 years is synthetic: “Rosé whenever. “Its subscribers have not missed the compliment. “You’re sublime Valerie” , “Beautiful “, “You have a sublime body, my little Valerie, “or “Hottie!!!! “. Some internet users have even made a request naughty : “do You want to redo the photo cell side. Kiss‘s” and ” You could do the same but from the front “, commented two rogues, rather fond of the curves of a beauty queen.

Valérie Bègue seems to be enjoying his summer vacation. Single mom, having divorced the swimmer Camille Lacourt, she was obviously very fulfilling. It is not known if the former Miss, spent her beautiful summer days in the company of his daughter or if it remained with the father-hen. May be of benefit in any case of the summer to papillonner and find, perhaps, one that will once again win his heart. In 2016, it said to take “all applications ” to potential suitors.

Rosé whenever

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Valérie Bègue

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