Pokemon Duel: A Simple Method to Get Unlimited Pieces and Gems

Techno 8 February, 2017

Have you always dreamed of getting rich like Croesus? In Pokemon Duel, it’s possible. On the other hand, you should not be afraid to cheat.
You read correctly. While Pokemon Duel new mobile game of The Pokemon Company , know that a website not really approved by the developers of the title, you can get an almost unlimited number of coins and gems, and more free. Specifically, the system is quite simple, and it is the Youtuber ImpactClothing that explains you through this video. To do this, simply go for a walk on the site pokeduel.site from your smartphone, and enter your username. From there, you will simply indicate the number of gems and coins that you want . A particularly simple and fast method of winning gambling money, although for that, it will still have to accept a small counterpart.
Once the amount of coins and gems validated, you will receive your loot on one condition only. You will immediately download two applications offered by the site and then launch them one after the other at least 30 seconds to prove you’re not a robot. Among the applications offered are several well known games, such as the Solitaire, or Mobile Strike. Once downloaded and launched games, wait a few minutes and run Pokemon Duel, you can already download before its official release . Miracle, you are rich. Good by cons, enjoy this tip quickly, because it may well not last very long, and be quickly banished by The Pokemon Company . Fortunately, nothing forces you to keep the apps on your phone once your coins are received. We will not repeat it, cheating is wrong, and under no circumstances will the editing melty video games endorse this practice. But hey, it must be admitted that it can allow you to progress much more quickly in the game … At your own risk of course. Have you ever used this method of cheating?